About Us:
We are a bunch of Geeks whose collective idea is to cater the needs of a computer user. A customer who needs help in buying a computer or facing a technical problem. We strive hard to enhance the experience of a buyer as today’s high level competition in Desktop and Laptop industry has rendered the buyer very confused and the jargons have led to information overload.
We also have our service centre equipped with engineers with about 10 years of experience who can diagnose the faulty component within no time which helps us in serving you better and reducing your time and cost.
We are result oriented with a holistic approach to fix any kind of issues thrown at us.
To achieve the status of a trustworthy, reliable and preferred organization through continual improvement by bringing together cutting-edge products with latest generation content and services.
The key focus is to provide a hassle-free experience with computers for our customers by presenting a wide assortment of products at the lowest prices with trained associates giving absolutely the best customer service in the industry.
To combine products and services of our partners and with workout of specific solutions intended for concrete needs, we create an information and communication base which will help our customers.
To offer services and maintenance within guarantee and non-guarantee period, as well as for consulting and support of users
To present the value-added customer service resulting in an excellent retail experience for our customers.
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