There are 3 ways to download youtube videos..

1) Download an tool to your desktop called youtube downloaded from this link:

2) You an see my site containing something called youtube download url.

3) None of the above could not be able to download bulk content and secured content. So this stuff which i gonna tell will surely work for you.

When you stream the youtube videos for viewing it will download the data as a file and save it the /tmp folder in linux/unix based O/S and C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Temp on windows 9X,NT,XP,VISTA versions.

To check the same, you can try to paly one of the video on youtube and go to that folder i said and check for the latest modified/created files iam sure that you can able to find it with the name of flaxx.tmp. Where this files size will be increased as your browser streams more and more of data.

You cannot able to copy this file directly. Now you can open n number of video you want and keep that video open on one tab and wait for it 2 stream after everything got over just switch off n on your pc for once. Nothing would happen 2 your system, after the system boots, go an see the above said folder that files would be there. Copy it to a dir and open it through mplayer.

Steps to download it from

You can now download your favorite videos from by getting the video URL like this:

And paste it on the empty bar kept on

After you need to download mplayer to play this flv file from this URL:

Now drag and drop and view/hear da songs you like..
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