Small Intro:
I have seen lot of people going to Net Cafe, some are going for Chatting, browsing, printouts, irctc, job.
None of them are caring about the things they leave behind. Say like they leave downloaded document's, resume's, history of what ever stuff they browsed.

I personally came across many times where I saw Resumes on some Random Net Cafe. Where I can find the girls/boys email id,conact info, age (DOB), etc. This is kinda have to be taken seriously.

Now, What should we do to prevent this:
1) Desktop Download: When ever your downloading any stuff eaither its firefox or IE, when you click on download an popup will open asking you to save or open when you give save you will have an other popup where you have the desktop icon on the left side click that and create a folder of you name and save all the files in that folder.

2) Recent Vistited: Now for the ppl who downloaded and opened the file radomly, there is an good option in windows where you can see your recent history of opened files. Now to do that, Go to the start menu, and mouse over My Recent Documents there you can see all the files you opened Right click the file and go to properties on the target you can see the folder that file resists.

3) Clear the cache: When ever your done with your work clear the cache on Firefox go to Tools and click on Clear Private data and check all the options and say okay. On IE tools and select internet options and select delete cookies, clear history. Doing this, you will delete any temp. data like the picture you saw on orkut, your youtube video's, your temp. saved resume.

Do this you will be very soon perfect and avoid any problems. I will try to add more very soon.
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