Details As Follows:
Know Your Trainer:

This is a certificate based training on Websphere Application Server 8.5, As I will be taking this course either on weekdays or weekends. I have 9 years of experience in IT production support in Websphere/Weblogic/Linux, and 3 Years of Training Experience in corporate companies like Wipro,CTS,CapeGemini, L&T, I have also handled more than 30 public trainings and also Soft Skills training too.

Additional Benefits:

Certification related topics ( We will try to make sure you get 90% in your certification on 8.5 WAS).

• Interview based Question related to jobs.

• Virtual Machines of a Linux Environment would be provided worth of 3.3 GB with all trial version software installed. As you don't need to install LINUX and waste your time. Its Customized version of LINUX as you can start installation of WEBSPEHRE in Just A Min.

15 - 18 hrs. of Hand Holding training.

No Prerequisites.

• Laptops are allowed. No extra payment for Desktop's or Class Rooms.

• You can simultaneously Work/Practice with the TRAINER.

• Your wait time is 50 % less as you would be directly going to the TRAINER'S HOUSE.

Course Context As follows:

• Introduction

• Linux Basics
• Network Basics
• Distributed System
• Simple Website Arch
• Complex Website Arch
• Application Server

• Architectural Overview

• Express / Base / ND
• WAS basics
• WAS runtime
• JDBC providers
• Data Sources
• Enhanced EAR
• ND runtime flow, concepts
• Managed Nodes Vs Un managed Nodes
• File Synchronization

• Installation Concepts

• H/W pre-requisites
• S/W pre-requisites
• Browser pre-requisites
• Database requirements
• Installation overview
• Installation Environments
• WAS profiles
• Pre-install tasks
• Install verify
• Silent Install
• Silent install profiles
• Uninstall
• Application Installation
• Directory Structure
• Command line tools
• Server Commands
• WAS plug-in installer, settings?

• Administration Basics

• Starting the Admin Console
• Logging in to the Admin Console
• Changing the Admin Console timeout
• Finding the items in the Console
• Updating the existing items
• Adding new items
• Removing items
• Starting and Stopping items
• Saving Work

• Working with Application Server

• Creating the Application Server
• Viewing the status of the application Server
• Starting and Stopping of an application Server
• Viewing runtime attributes of an application Server
• Customizing application Servers

• Fix packs

• Installing fix packs, cumulative fixes
• Trouble shooting the fix packs installation problems

• Application Install

• Installing Enterprise application
• Install tasks
• Virtual hosts
• Defining virtual hosts
• Creating JDBC resources
• J2C authentication alias
• Creating data sources
• Enterprise application Install
• Managing applications
• Start and stop applications
• Viewing installed Apps
• Configuration JVM Logs
• Traces
• Enabling Traces
• Embedded HTTP server Logs
• Starting and Stopping an enterprise application
• Viewing the installed applications
• Viewing the EJB modules
• Viewing the WEB modules
• Managing the configuration files
• Backing up the profile configuration
• Restoring the configuration

• Managing Web Server with WAS

• Web Server in unmanaged Node
• IHS as unmanaged node
• IHS administration
• IHS admin servers
• Web servers Custom plugin-cfg.xml
• Managing plugin-cfg.xml files
• Managing Web server plug-in properties
• Propagating the plug-in configuration

• Trouble Shooting

• Interpreting the JVM logs
• Process logs
• Detecting the hung threads in J2EE applications
• Configuration problem settings
• Installation related trouble shooting / Tips
• Gathering information using the collector tool
• Analyzing the collector tool

• Monitoring:

• Performance monitoring infrastructure
• Performance data organization
• J2C connection pool counters
• JVM counters
• Servlet Session counters
• Thread pool counters
• Work Load management counters

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